Home Escorts Ask in an San Jose escorts the most pleasant positions for men

Ask in an San Jose escorts the most pleasant positions for men

It is no secret to anyone that sex is one of the most enjoyable activities that exist. But sometimes, it can be boring and monotonous to do the same positions with a sexual partner. That is why it is important to try new sexual positions that are much more exciting for men. So that in this way you can request at your San Jose escorts positions that satisfy you much more since they will be delighted that you have a pleasant moment and begin to enjoy with great pleasure.

Many Sexual positions give men much more pleasure, either insight or in touch. In addition, with them, you will have the possibility of touching your companion a little more. Where not only will the physical stimulation but the attitudes and gestures of the act will be satisfactory.

The 6 best positions for men made by escort

A lot of research has been done to know which positions are the most satisfying for men. In this way, in your next sexual encounter, you can ask your escort girl.

  1. Cowgirl reverse: in this, you will have to lie on your back, and the woman will have to sit on her genital organ while she is erect with her back towards you. Here you can set the penetration level that you enjoy the most, and she can help you by grabbing her hips.
  2. The trapeze: the girl should be lying on her back while you go over her body, starting from her knees to her mouth. Then start with the penetration marking the level at which you enjoy each other. It is recommended that you increase the strength and intensity of each of the movements.
  3. The dragon: in this third position, the girl has to lie face down on a pillow at the height of the pubis. To tilt the buttocks and make the body arch have greater deep penetration and that you enjoy it. You should lie on your back and grasp her hands that she can place on her head.
  4. The anhelada amazonas: she will have to lie on her back and with her legs encircling your body at the level of her buttocks. So that the girl sits on her erect member of hers, and then they hold hands and push in opposite directions. She backward and you forward. The more forces, the better the experience will be.
  5. Legs on shoulders: it is one of the most classic but satisfactory. The girl should lie on her back to place her legs on your shoulders. In the middle of the penetration, you bend over to touch the girl's thighs taking the desired depth.
  6. The lotus: it is one of the most complex but exciting and satisfying positions. It would be best if you sat cross-legged, and she would sit on top of you with her legs hugging her chest. The trick is that the girl moves her hips and that there is rhythm.

Start testing these positions with a female escort

You no longer have to worry about boring sex because you will improve the activity and the erections. In which you will learn to control her ejaculations and feel great satisfaction.