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How To Book Movie Tickets Using Bitcoins On Online Platform?


For movie lovers who are looking to explore the best crypto to invest in, some websites allow you to purchase tickets with cryptocurrency. The 3-year-old startup for ecommerce Bitcoin Company Bit pay has gradually introduced Bitcoin payments on a cryptocurrency trading platform. One such platform is Regal Cinema online ticketing service.

Since its inception in 2011, Bitcoin has seen a surge in popularity among people who wish to avoid the long lines at bank counters and have an easy way of storing their wealth without any threat from inflation or financial fluctuation.

Process Of Booking Movie Tickets Using Bitcoins

To book movie tickets using bitcoins on Regal Cinema, you need to complete four simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to your website account, or register if you are new.

Step 2: Select your city and the theatre where the movie screening takes place.

Step 3: Choose the movie you would like to watch and enter the number of tickets required. Note that while booking tickets for 3D movies, you should select "3D" as the ticket type.

Step 4: Once you've picked the seats for your movie, click on Get Tickets to proceed with payment using Bitcoins. The final amount asked should be 0.633333 BTC.

Advantages Of Booking Movie Tickets Using CryptoCurrency

One of the major benefits of using bitcoins to pay for your tickets is that it's extremely easy and quick. After you complete the booking with the help of a suitable cryptocurrency trading platform, you can also check in at our My Wallet page and see a confirmation message.

Now, since Regal Cinema belongs to the same company as Edwards Theatres Chain, there are plans for implementing Bitcoin payments across all sites in future.

Rising Interest In Movie Tickets Purchases With Cryptocurrency

Interest in online ticketing platforms with bitcoin payments by cryptocurrency trading platforms has been rising steadily. Bitpay's data revealed that 29 merchants use their service for accepting bitcoin payments totalling about $1 million per month worth of transactions. If you are a lover of movies and would like to purchase movie tickets using bitcoins, go ahead and book your tickets.

What Makes Using Cryptocurrency In Booking Movie Tickets Easy?

Bitpay's CEO, Stephen Pair, believes that the integration of bitcoins in online ticketing platforms will make it easy for customers to use the cryptocurrency and avoid the hassles of paying for their tickets.

As we all know, there is always a concern regarding how we will receive our money and whether the service providers will stick to their promises. Booking movie tickets with a cryptocurrency trading platform can eliminate such concerns. Your payment will be received within minutes, and you will receive an email confirming that your tickets have been ordered.

Bitpay has made using bitcoins for payment extremely simple as they regularly update their payment processor. You can now even pay for Google Play, Steam by using bitcoins as Bitpay is accepted as a valid form of payment on these two sites.